How to Write an Argumentative Essay | A Step by Step Guide

Struggling with writing an argumentative essay? Don’t stress about it. Read on for time-tested tips and tricks from seasoned experts on how to complete a stellar paper.

What Is an Argumentative Essay? How Is It Written?

One of the most commonly assigned type of projects is the argumentative essay. The project is meant to enhance students’ persuasive skills and prepare them for future research work. However, most students find the task challenging, resulting in poor scores. Here, we present some useful tips that you can employ for effective argumentative essay writing.

What Is Argumentative Essay? Why Write It?

Before we embark on a discussion of how to write an argumentative essay, we should first consider some definitions. The argumentative essay is a project in which the writer tries to convince his or her readers to adopt an opinion. You will need to investigate a topic, generate, gather, and evaluate evidence, and take a stand on an issue in a coherent and concise manner.

It is important to note that some students easily confuse between the argumentative essay and the expository one. While these two assignment types have some striking similarities, the argumentative category incorporates more prewriting and research. In terms of length, the expository paper is also relatively shorter.

The argumentative paper generally requires extensive research and use of credible evidence to support points. You may also be asked to conduct empirical research, which involved the collection and analysis of data using surveys, interviews, and experiments. The research will allow you to learn more about the particular topic and support your clear thesis using credible evidence.

Here are some elements of a good structure of an argumentative essay:

  • A clear introduction that includes a hook, some background information, and a concise thesis;
  • Body section, with clear and logical transitions between ideas;
  • Evidential support;
  • A concise argumentative essay conclusion that readdresses the thesis.

Here Is A Step by Step Guide on How to Write

The most important part of completing an outstanding paper, regardless of the type is to start from a clear plan. For the argumentative essay, the prewriting phase is even more important. Start by brainstorming and noting down anything you can about your topic. You will then need to create an outline, based on the results of your brainstorm and some research. Once you have done research and taken detailed notes you can start the writing process. Remember, the initial draft is not the place to worry about typos and grammar mistakes. Write first and edit later.

When writing your introduction, as with the rest of the paper, the focus ought to be on the thesis statement. Offer some background information to help your readers with understanding your argument. It is also a good idea to begin with an enticing hook, such as personal anecdote or quote. As you write the rest of the paper anticipate and prepare for opposing arguments and position. Respond to them using evidence or argument.

What Resources of Information to Use?

Sources used to support arguments in essays should be credible, meaning that they ought to be unbiased, and should be backed by verifiable evidence. A good paper is one in which the writer uses a rich combination of primary and secondary sources. Here, a primary source could be one that contains raw data, such as government documents and publications and records. Secondary data include peer-reviewed journals and information on authoritative websites.

If even after reading the tips outlined here, you feel that you need additional writing help, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. Talk to us for more information.

Essay Writing Help | Get Assistance from a Safe and Reliable Service

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Get Safe Help with Essay Writing — Here’s How

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Useful Tips on How to Write an Essay Fast

The ideal, for any student is to always work on your project without external assistance. To complete an outstanding paper, you need to consider various steps, including the prewriting and the drafting phases. During prewriting you need to prepare all the material needed to complete the paper. Start by brainstorming for ideas and researching. Take detailed notes that will allow you to write coherent content.

Choose your sources carefully, reviewing the information to make sure that it is up-to-date, interesting, and authoritative. You will also need to mix-up the material, using both primary and secondary sources. Each source used to support your ideas should be effectively cited in the text and in a list at the end of the document.

Start the writing process as soon as possible. After all, there is no need for meticulous preparation if you will not have time to write. During the drafting phase, don’t bother with grammar and typing mistakes. You will have time to make changes. At this point, your focus should be on getting your points across.

Once the draft is complete, make time to read and reread, eliminating grammar, formatting, content, and spelling mistakes. Don’t let typos ruin the quality of your work.

We should reiterate that, while effective writing is a skill that anyone can learn, it requires time and practice to execute. In the meantime, if you lack the skills or the time, consider getting professional assistance from an essay writing help service.

Where to Get Help with Essay Writing?

If you find yourself struggling with your project either due to a lack of skills or time, or due to language barriers, don’t panic. There are many places where students can get reliable help online.

One option would be to consider informational resources and ‘how to guides’ written by experts. However, these tips can sometimes be contradictory, and may not be tailored to your particular needs.

Another option would be to get custom writing help from freelancers, who advertise their services online. Remember, while these experts can offer relatively cheap help on essay writing, the lack of a supervised framework and quality guarantees can be a problem.

The third, and possibly the safest option, would be to engage professionals attached to online essay writing services. This way you get a controlled platform for interacting with the writer. The companies also sort out issues relating to the security of payments and guarantees.

Here are some attributes to look out for before engaging an online writing service:

  • The responsiveness of the customer representatives;
  • The functionality of the website design;
  • The pricing of papers;
  • Confidentiality and privacy guarantees;
  • The availability of competent writers.

These are some of the options to consider when searching for help with writing an essay. To get connected to the best writers working with a reliable, affordable, and secure writing service, contact us.